Echoe Details
Thundering Mephis

Thundering Mephis

Overlord Class

Cost : 4

Void ThunderVoid Thunder

Rank: 2

Echo Skill

Transform into Thundering Mephis, engaging in a rapid assault of up to 6 strikes. The first 5 strikes deal 95.31% Electro DMG each, while the final strike inflicts 136.16% Electro DMG, with an additional 22.69% Electro DMG from the thunder. After the final hit, increase the current character’s Electro DMG by 12.00% and Resonance Liberation DMG by 12.00% for 15s. CD: 20s

Sonata Effect
Void Thunder

Void Thunder

2 Set: Electro DMG + 10%.

5 Set: Electro DMG + 15% after releasing Heavy Attack or Resonance Skill. This effect stacks up to 2 times, each stack lasts 15s.