Echoe Details
Inferno Rider

Inferno Rider

Overlord Class

Cost : 4

Molten RiftMolten Rift

Rank: 2

Echo Skill

Transform into Inferno Rider to launch up to 3 consecutive slashes in a row, each slash dealing 174.23%, 203.26%, and 203.26% Fusion DMG respectively. After the final hit, increase the current character’s Fusion DMG by 12.00% and Basic Attack DMG by 12.00% for 15s. Long press the Echo Skill to transform into Inferno Rider and enter the Riding Mode. When exiting the Riding Mode, deal 203.26% Fusion DMG to enemies in front. CD: 20s

Sonata Effect
Molten Rift

Molten Rift

2 Set: Fusion DMG + 10%.

5 Set: Fusion DMG + 30% for 15s after releasing Resonance Skill.