Echoe Details


Calamity Class

Cost : 4

Sun-sinking EclipseSun-sinking Eclipse

Rank: 2

Echo Skill

Transform into Dreamless and perform 6 consecutive strikes. The first 5 strikes deal 38.87% Havoc DMG each, and the last strike deal 194.35% Havoc DMG. The DMG of this Echo Skill is increased by 50.00% during the first 5s after Rover: Havoc casts Resonance Liberation: Deadening Abyss. CD: 20s

Sonata Effect
Sun-sinking Eclipse

Sun-sinking Eclipse

2 Set: Havoc DMG + 10%.

5 Set: Havoc DMG + 7.5% after releasing Basic Attack or Heavy Attack. This effect stacks up to 4 times, each stack lasts 15s.